Phylogenetics & Macroevolution in Julia

Julia codes corresponding to some of our most recent work on phylogenetic approaches in macroevolution, in particular our data augmented version of the ClaDS model are included in a package in Julia called jPANDA available on github. Don't hesitate to report potential bugs. The tutorial for running ClaDS is available here.


Phylogenetics & Macroevolution in R

R codes corresponding to our work on phylogenetic approaches in macroevolution are included in a R-package called RPANDA available on CRAN, and also on github. Don't hesitate to report bugs... Here is a blog post about RPANDA!


Spatial patterns of phylogenetic diversity

Source Python code for phylogenetic analysis in our Ecology Letters 2011 paper, including generalized version of the BLADJ node age assignment algorithm and sensitivity analyses, is available on Dylan Schwilk’s website. If you have comments or troubles, please contact me or Dylan.